Monthly Archives: January 2015

LED and Cities in Transition

Greg speaking at the Forum for Cities in Transition.

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Why City Branding: Aarhus

Speaking in London, Greg Clark explains how and why a unifying city brand can be effective in raising the visibility of a smaller city such as Aarhus, Denmark.

Green Economy After Crisis

Greg Clark speaks in Copenhagen about the impact of the financial crisis on the green economy in cities around the world. He observes a number initiatives in a new generation of innovative cities, including the city of Aarhus.

Moscow Urban Forum 2013 Metropolitan Strategic Planning

Greg Clark speaks at a Moscow Urban Forum session on city and metropolitan strategy. He introduces the building blocks of metropolitan strategic planning, highlighting its broad impact not only on land use and planning, but also on governance, sector mix and investment.

Moscow Urban Forum Plenary 1 2013

Greg Clark moderates the opening plenary of the 2013 Moscow Urban Forum. On the theme of world city growth challenges, the plenary features opening remarks from the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

MINT TV Mumbai 2014

In an interview with Indian national business newspaper Mint, Greg Clark introduces the Global Cities Initiative, and remarks on the latest developments and challenges in Mumbai and Indian cities.

Global Financial Centres debate

A debate to explore how emerging markets can learn from established international financial centres and the need to cultivate infrastructure, technology, and education took place at the One Step Ahead symposium co-hosted by Asia Society India Centre and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. Moderated by Greg Clark.

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Launch of Mumbai Global Fluency Report

The launch of the report: Mumbai: India’s Global City took place at the One Step Ahead symposium co-hosted by Asia Society India Centre and JP Morgan Chase Bank in December 2014.

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