Monthly Archives: February 2015

Centre for London Review

A review from the Centre for Cities of the publication Making a World City: London 1991 – 2021

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OECD , Local Economic Development and Cities in Transition from Conflict

Greg Clark shares OECD findings about local economic development at an urban regeneration and transition panel in Derry, Ireland. He explains the role of collaborative leaders and institutions by drawing on experience in Bilbao, Cape Town and Los Angeles.

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MINT TV Interview

Greg Clark is featured in an extensive interview with Indian national business newspaper Mint, on the subject of urbanisation and business development. Click here to view

World Cities and Nation States

Moscow Urban Forum has published new research by The Business of Cities on the dynamic relationships between world cities and their national governments. Entitled ‘World Cities and Nation States: Promoting a New Deal for the 21st Century’, this groundbreaking report sheds new light on the way political systems in 12 world cities are beginning to adapt to the urban age.

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