Greg is a long term advisor to a number of international institutions including:

Greg’s advisory experience includes:

  • Advising major corporates including JP Morgan, Jones Lang LaSalle, Siemens, Microsoft, Cap Gemini, AirBnB, Linklaters, Bilfinger / GVA, Buro Happold and others on strategies for engaging with cities. He also advises metropolitan business leadership groups such as Barcelona Global, The Committee for Sydney, Accelerate Cape Town, and Pro-Bogota.
  • Acting as International Advisor on the Metropolitan Strategic Plans of major global cities, including New York, Sao Paulo, Rio da Janeiro, Barcelona, Gauteng/Johannesburg, Western Cape, Toronto, Glasgow, Mumbai, Turin and Auckland.
  • Advising on Metropolitan Governance Reform in Sydney, London, Toronto, Barcelona, Auckland, Bogota, Milan, and Oslo.
  • Advising on national policies for cities and regions in UK, Ireland, Canada, China, India, Colombia, Sri Lanka, South Africa¸ New Zealand, Italy, Slovakia, and Latvia.
  • Providing insight in the capacity of Non-Executive Director to bodies including the International Council for Economic Development and the European Association of Development Agencies, The British Urban Regeneration Association, and the Centre for London.
  • Acting as an advocate and media commentator on city and business development issues.
  • Leading over 20 international reviews of city and regional development for the OECD including:
    • Legacy of global events: London 2012
    • Local and Regional Development: Latvia, Slovakia
    • Economic and Regeneration Strategy Reviews: Glasgow, Derry/Londonderry
    • Economic Development Agency Reviews: Belfast, Glasgow, Barcelona
    • Urban Regeneration: Naples, Belfast, Krakow, Canberra, Derry, and Glasgow
    • Smart Growth: Maryland
    • Metropolitan Reviews: Melbourne, Athens, Mexico City, Seoul, and Milan
    • Cities and Entrepreneurship Reviews: Rome and West Midlands

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