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OECD Local Economic Leadership

A new OECD paper on successful local economic leadership, co-authored by The Business of Cities’ Greg Clark, Tim Moonen and Emily Moir and the OECD’s Debra Mountford, was launched at Manchester Town Hall on June 25th at the 11th Annual OECD Forum.

The paper features latest insights and case studies from Amsterdam, Hamburg, Manchester and Stockholm.

The paper can be read in full here

The Urban Innovation Economy

The Business of Cities Greg Clark and Tim Moonen produce a new report addressingTechnology Real Estate and the Innovation Economy image the issue of how the real estate industry must adapt and meet the demands of the new normal – sustainable spaces in which to create innovation through knowledge, science, culture, and creativity whilst enhancing quality of life.

Brisbane G 20 Global Cafe

Greg Clark shares his insights on Brisbane’s interconnectedness to other Australian cities and why this is unique to Australia and forms part of the city’s credentials as a serious contributor to the emerging global cities debate.

ULI Density Report

The Business of Cities’ Emily Moir and Greg Clark have published an important new report on city density on behalf of ULI. The paper breaks new ground in unpacking the different meanings and scales of density, and the opportunities for future densification in cities. Click image to view report.


World Cities and Nation States

Moscow Urban Forum has published new research by The Business of Cities on the dynamic relationships between world cities and their national governments. Entitled ‘World Cities and Nation States: Promoting a New Deal for the 21st Century’, this groundbreaking report sheds new light on the way political systems in 12 world cities are beginning to adapt to the urban age.

Click here to view report

LED and Cities in Transition

Greg speaking at the Forum for Cities in Transition.

Click here to view video

Why City Branding: Aarhus

Speaking in London, Greg Clark explains how and why a unifying city brand can be effective in raising the visibility of a smaller city such as Aarhus, Denmark.

Green Economy After Crisis

Greg Clark speaks in Copenhagen about the impact of the financial crisis on the green economy in cities around the world. He observes a number initiatives in a new generation of innovative cities, including the city of Aarhus.

Moscow Urban Forum 2013 Metropolitan Strategic Planning

Greg Clark speaks at a Moscow Urban Forum session on city and metropolitan strategy. He introduces the building blocks of metropolitan strategic planning, highlighting its broad impact not only on land use and planning, but also on governance, sector mix and investment.